Register My Child for School

Greetings, and welcome to Gladys Speers!  If you are looking to register, please follow the instructions below.  For those who will be starting Kindergarten with us in September, we will be in touch by late April or early May once we know what orientation will look like this year.  

We look forward to having your child(ren) join us at Gladys Speers!

For any families new to Ontario, who are here on a work or study permit, or who are not Canadian Citizens, you may need to register through our Welcome Centre. 

Unsure whether or not you need to register through our Welcome Centre?  Click here to find out what to do for your situation.  If it tells you that you can 

register at the school directly, please continue to follow the instructions below.

Here is what you will need to complete the registration process:

1.  This is an overview of the registration process, as well as the acceptable documentation you will need. This is also outlined in the form below (#3).

2.  Here is the registration form that you will need to download and complete (be sure to download first, otherwise it may not save the information that you type).

3.  Here is the link to the Google Form that is specific to Gladys Speers to complete the registration and upload all of the required documents.