“Kidssentials, the Catering Service for Kids” is serving lunch, fresh at our school.

Why not try them out and take a break from packing lunches!

Kidssentials is very different from other companies. With an emphasis on nutrition and kid-pleasing options, this full service catering company serves up fresh food on-site to avoid soggy or mushy meals. Lunches are mixed/assembled just minutes before they are served to the children, using only the highest quality ingredients and freshest produce.

  • A variety of 40 meal options reflect a rich diversity of culture and lifestyles
  • All meals are made in 100% nut free facilities and the menu includes allergen-free entrées (gluten, soy, egg, sesame, seafood and dairy free)
  • Kidssentials is committed to the environment; in addition to online ordering, they provide only compostable and recyclable packaging and cutlery
  • There are five entrée options per lunch date, including vegetarian, vegan and allergen free
  • Healthy snacks and beverages are also available to order – you choose

To see the schedule of dates Kidssentials is offered in our school, view the menu or place your order, login or create an account at

Kidssentials is hiring for delivery serving staff: if you are interested in working while your children are in school please contact Kidssentials for more information.

Kidssentials can also be reached by phone at 905-855-1914 or by e-mail at