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Gladys Speers Update February 21-24

Carnival Week
We celebrated our winter carnival on Wednesday.After suggesting you dress your children appropriately for the weather, it was so balmy that some kids removed their jackets or wore a light hoody.  That may be a Winter Carnival first!  The students enjoyed competing in their Gator Gangs and then getting some hot chocolate as a treat.  Thanks to the volunteers and Ms. Ray who made the day fun for the kids.

Report Cards
Just a reminder that report cards go home on Monday, February 27.  Please review your child’s report with them and the goals that they have set so that you can help support them in attaining them.  Home support is important in helping your child develop good learning skills as they help children be more successful in school and after they leave school.  Those same skills are valuable in the work world as well.

Ski Day
We will be watching the weather closely to determine if our ski day will go ahead due to the unseasonably warm temperatures –great for those who don’t like the cold, not so great for ski conditions.  A decision will be made on Monday night and communicated to parents.  All money will be refunded if the trip is cancelled.