Calling All 2015 babies!!
We are now accepting registrations for JK students in September. If you have a child that was born in 2015, or perhaps a neighbour who has one, and are planning to attend school next year, please come in to pick up a registration package.  It is imperative that we get registrations as early as possible so that we can accurately plan for next year. Thank you!

Late Arrivals

A Reminder for those arriving late (after 8:45am)…..

While we encourage students to be on time for a variety of reasons, we do understand that sometimes it just can’t be helped. If your child is arriving after the entry bell at 8:45am, please keep the following in mind: 

Grade 1-6 students are to go directly to class on their own if it is between 8:45-9:15am, where their teacher will mark them as late. Parents are to say goodbye at the front doors or in the foyer, but are not to accompany students to class. If they are arriving after 9:15am, it is imperative that they sign in at the office and get a late slip, as class attendance has been submitted already and we need to ensure that they are accounted for as being in the building.

Kindergarten students are always to come to the office where we will call into the classroom and have a friend come and meet them. Again, parents are not to be walking students to class at any time.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!

School Calendar

 We ask that you please refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes when visiting our school as we have a number of students and staff members with sensitivities to fragrance. We thank you for your help in keeping everyone at Gladys Speers comfortable.

May 24 2019

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